Meet our Snack Monsters!

Meet our Snack Monsters!

Introducing these 6 best of friends – they have all known each other since 2017 and have been inseparable since. All of them are so unique and different, but they get along so well with each other.


Kelly the Fussy Floss

Kelly has a keen eye for details, and she knows exactly what she wants the way she wants it. At first glance, she might come across as fussy, and people will misunderstand her, brushing her off as the auntie next door. However, her closest friends know that this is not true. They see it as assertiveness and wish they had even an ounce of it. They envy her spunk and attitude, and her ability to bring about positive changes in their lives.

When Kelly and Kester, her kaypoh friend, first knew each other from their encounter at the neighbourhood supermarket, Kester thought that he had found a friend with exactly the same personality as him. Oh, how very wrong was he!


Kenny the Kan Cheong Crab

Kenny is constantly overthinking, and his friends say that this makes him nervous and uptight all the time. However, Kenny sees the positive side of it and thinks that anticipation and anxiety can sometimes bring out the best in him. For example, Kenny knows that he is the fastest thinker when his brain goes into overdrive! Kelly, his fussy friend, always tells Kenny that his brain runs so fast that it is as if it has 8 legs. From then on, Kenny was known as the Kan Cheong Crab.


Kester the Kaypoh Kaya

Kester has the most caring soul in the world; he cannot bear to see his friends lose sleep at night over their problems. So in his own way of caring for his friends, he asks, prods and extends his hands to help them. Others on the outside may think that he is a busybody, but his friends know better. He is always their listening ear and shoulder to cry on. His caring personality has melted the hardest of hearts. Even Gerry, the Lim Peh Lemak, who likes to put on a tough front, makes occasional trips to Kester’s house to cry when he has problems!


Gerry the Lim Peh Lemak

Unanimously voted the leader of the group, Gerry’s nickname among his friends is “Limpeh”, which literally translates to “your father”. Having unmatched courage, he goes all out in standing up for his friends. He is also an avid fan of Nasi Lemak and travels high and low in search for the best Nasi Lemak in Singapore, JB, and some say Batam.

When Gerald, his Chao Keng friend, finds yet another excuse to avoid meeting the group, Gerry, sees through his Chao Keng ways and commands him to turn up. Being the brave one and the figurehead of the group, all his friends look up to him and goes to him for advice.


Gerald the Chao Keng Chocolate

Gerald believes in efficiency – it is no wonder that he likes finding shortcuts to solve everyday problems. He likes to snack on chocolates while cooking up his next Chao Keng plan. Sometimes, when Gwen is hanging out with him, he would ask her for some crazy ideas that he can use for his next masterplan. Being his partner-in-crime and a lover of unorthodox ideas, Gwen would excitedly agree and provide her Kee Siao inputs. For Gerald, it’s not about avoiding the circumstances. It’s all about fighting another day!


Gwen the Kee Siao Caramel

Gwen is the friend who breaks rules, her mantra in life being “If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun!”. When Kenny, her Kan Cheong friend advises her to be less reckless, she just goes “YOLO!”. Gwen’s friends claim she spends her time solely on coming up with creative and unconventional ideas that are unknown to the world. The life of the party, her joyfulness shines brighter than the spotlights, and her extroverted nature bands her group of friends together.

Kelly, Kenny, Kester, Gerry, Gerald and Gwen are a melting pot of different personalities, bringing out the best in one another when they are together!

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