Out with the old, in with the new.

It was cute and good for a while but it's just never enough. Our customers have been clamouring for a larger serving than a petite, palm sized 30g portion. We listened and after months of working hard in the background, we're here to replace the palm sized pack with a new single-serve pack. More personality in a pack and cheaper too. Go get it. Again. Same great taste. Double the joy!

Creatures of Joy

We’re creatures of joy — monsters of our own making. We love our snacks as much as we love doing the things we do with our family, friends and loved ones. Bite into the joyful goodness of our freshly-baked popcorns and create wonderful memories to call your own. We select only the best kernels from around the world before hand-baking them to crispy perfection. Our popcorn is certified trans-fat free as we use only 100% pure Canola Oil throughout the baking process. You'll know the difference once you bite into one. Oh! And it's Halal certified too.

So what are you waiting for? Go get some now!

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