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Countless varieties have dominated the world of snacks. Pop in The Kettle Gourmet to add to the mix. We’re not here with any lofty mission. If anything at all, we want to spread the joy of snacking. And our snack of choice – popcorn!

It started as a hobby when Zac, our founder, smelled the delicious and overbearing aroma of nasi lemak in the cinema while he was snacking on his popcorn. He thought, why not infuse the taste into popcorn?! So the journey started in 2017, and he has not looked back since.

The Kettle Gourmet has grown to be a popcorn manufacturer and distributor that serves freshly hand-baked popcorn with unique localised flavours. From a hobby to a full-fledged business serving thousands of satisfied customers daily and bringing joy to every corner of Singapore. With innovation at the core of our business, the opportunities around our snack monsters and popcorn are endless. Watch us as we’ll see how far we can chase the unending pursuit of every start-up’s dream.

Your Favourite Popcorn

Ever wondered where we get our Umami flavour burst popcorn? With kernels from South Africa, our popcorn are all freshly baked daily before being meticulously packed and delivered right to your doorstep! From all-time favourite Salted Caramel popcorn to unique local flavoured Kaya Butter Toast, the list just keeps on growing.

Create Wonderful Moments to Call Your Own

You can savour the flavour of pure popping goodness anywhere with your family and friends. We bring the joy of snacking through our products by offering fun and unique flavours that create joyous moments. Snacking will always be fun, easy and nutritious with The Kettle Gourmet.We select only the best kernels from around the world before hand-baking them to crispy perfection. For all of you gym-goers and health-conscious enthusiasts out there, we have great news for you! Our popcorn is certified trans-fat free as we use only 100% pure Canola Oil throughout the baking process. You'll know the difference once you bite into one. Oh! And it's Halal certified too. We guarantee you'll be back for more!

A Gift Worth Giving

Looking to share the joy? We’ve got you. We have customised gift packages that will be the perfect corporate gift for your client, team associates or events. Allow us the opportunity to help you create your signature gifts.



"Highly recommend, it's totally worth trying and great effort for the innovative localised flavours! Staff were extremely friendly too! Overall a great experience 😁"
Jing Ying
"I usually hate popcorn but Kettle Gourmet was really an eye opener. Highly recommended for all events man... Netflix to weddings. Can’t say no to this!! And the staffs were so professional and sweet as well!"
En Lee
"Popcorn with various local flavors. Delicious and excellent packaging. Good for gifts too."
"Taste 5/5
Better than any other gourmet popcorn i've ever tried. Would recommend 10/10."
Kennard lee
"This is one of the nicest popcorn I have ever eaten. Highly recommended"
Lester Fong

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