Singapore’s Most Loved Gourmet Popcorn

Popcorn is one of Singapore’s favourite snacks, and there's no better place to buy it than here at The Kettle Gourmet. We have the largest selection of popcorn in the country, and we're always adding new and exciting flavors. Whether you want traditional butter popcorn or something more adventurous, we have what you're looking for.

And because we offer popcorn in wholesale and with a wide range of options for snacks delivery in Singapore, we can always offer the best prices. So, if you're looking for a great bargain on popcorn, look no further. We guarantee you won't be disappointed. Thanks for popping by!

Creatures of Joy

We’re creatures of joy — monsters of our own making. We love our snacks as much as we love doing the things we do with our family, friends and loved ones. Bite into the joyful goodness of our freshly-baked popcorns and create wonderful memories to call your own. We select only the best kernels from around the world before hand-baking them to crispy perfection. Our popcorn is certified trans-fat free as we use only 100% pure Canola Oil throughout the baking process. You'll know the difference once you bite into one. Oh! And it's Halal certified too.

So what are you waiting for? Go get some now!


I was looking to order some snacks in bulk for my event last minute and remembered seeing the kettle gourmet offering snacks like popcorn wholesale last time. They had great service to help cater to my bulk popcorn snacks order and arranged and delivered all the snacks very quickly! Would definitely say that this is one of the best popcorn wholesale singapore has in terms of snacks! If anyone is looking for a popcorn wholesaler or a snacks wholesaler, I will definitely recommend the kettle gourmet’s popcorn snacks to yall! The guests also really liked the popcorn snacks and even asked where i got the snacks from ><
Jie Chi
Would definitely recommend this to my friends and family as they have an assorted variety of flavoured popcorn snacks. Last time, i wanted some different snacks so I got their Nasi Lemak popcorn which is part of their salted popcorn snacks line. This time, i got their classic popcorn - salted caramel popcorn. Didnt think that it was gonna taste as good as their Nasi Lemak popcorn but the snacks were super good! The best popcorn snacks out of all the salted caramel popcorn snacks i have tried before! They also have one of the fastest snacks delivery Singapore has. Received my popcorn snacks 2 days after ordering. Will try their chocolate popcorn next time. Best snacks ever :)
Visited a friend in Singapore and she gave me some popular snacks in Singapore, and the kettle gourmet popcorn is one of the snacks she gave me! Tried the fish head curry popcorn and now I’m addicted to these snacks. Bought a few more unique flavoured popcorn snacks like nasi lemak popcorn and classic flavoured popcorn snacks like salted caramel popcorn and chocolate popcorn to share with my friends and family back home. They absolutely love snacks so I am sure they will enjoy these popcorn snacks! The popcorn delivery Singapore has is really fast as well!
Was curious about the kettle gourmet popcorn and decided to try some of their snacks for myself. Their flavoured popcorn snacks are really exceptional and one of a kind. My favourite snacks of theirs include Salted Caramel popcorn and Chilli Crab popcorn. In my opinion, it is one of, if not the best gourmet popcorn in Singapore. All the flavours of the popcorn snacks are unique and a must-try! In terms of snacks, it is also one of the fastest popcorn delivery in Singapore I have experienced as well.
I love snacks and have been their regular for quite some time so i decided to leave a review for the best popcorn singapore has! i have tried all the flavours of their snacks and my favourite is definitely their nasi lemak popcorn. its spicy and tastes like sambal. i personally prefer their salted popcorn snacks over the sweet snacks like chocolate popcorn and salted caramel popcorn. their new fish head curry popcorn snacks are also really good becos the snacks smell and tastes just like curry. if anyone is thinking of getting snacks, i highly recommend their popcorn!
Ate some of my friend's snacks the other time and I really liked it so got the link for the snacks from her. I think it's one of the best popcorn Singapore has! tried their chocolate popcorn and got the whole set of snacks this time. I really liked the snacks - especially the chocolate popcorn and chicken floss popcorn! I don't really like snacks like flavoured popcorn but this is really good. Thank you kettle gourmet for the popcorn and fast delivery!
Came to leave a google review after buying their free popcorn giveaway on shopee because I loved their snacks. I always wanted to try their gourmet popcorn snacks but was quite hesitant because I didn't think the snacks was going to taste good. The kaya butter toast popcorn snacks actually tasted surprisingly good! I would rate this as one of the best snacks Singapore has! going to try their salted caramel popcorn snacks and chilli crab popcorn snacks next! they also have the fastest snacks delivery singapore has! totally recommend anyone looking for some interesting snacks! :)

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