While they initially started off with Salted Caramel popcorn, eventually they started experimenting with local flavours. Some of their best-selling flavours include Salted Caramel and Bak Kwa. The Bak Kwa-flavoured popcorn was sold out within days of release.

Zac is on a mission to provide innovative popcorn flavours to all Singaporeans. What started out as a fun project soon became a business for 27-year-old fresh graduate Zac Chua. 

Taking place at the Bayfront Event Space, which is three times bigger than last year’s Artbox venue, we are hoping this year’s pop-up will be much better and we don’t have to literally rub shoulders with other festival-goers. Do share with us what stalls you can’t wait to visit at the comments section below!

Teh Tarik Popcorn? Hell yes! The Kettle Gourmet specialises in interesting flavours like Teh Tarik ($10), Chicken Rice ($12) and evenBak Kwa Popcorn ($15). For those less adventurous, try the superb Salted Caramel ($10).
Zac Chua’s popcorn business validated itself straight away and fast tracked him to the startup world. Zac now employs 11 people and shifts 500 bags of popcorn daily.
在另一家员工都是年轻人的公司The Kettle Gourmet,老板蔡宗佑(27岁)招聘时的首要遴选标准是:要有常识和EQ(情商)。优良的学业成绩在他这里非但不是敲门砖,反而成了绊脚石。

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