Singaporean start-up The Kettle Gourmet is branching out into local-flavoured popcorn such as bak kwa, and will soon launch more exotic flavours such as chicken rice and chilli crab.
Popcorn isn’t a traditional CNY snack, but when it’s infused with teh tarik — it makes for a fun change from the usual spread. This young F&B start-up was founded last July by a young Singapore Management University business school grad.
While studying at SMU, SMU alumnus Zac Chua’s love for popcorn inspired him and a friend to experiment with different popcorn flavours when they realised that the local market only offered the sweet and salted versions.
Established in Singapore last July, The Kettle Gourmet serves up fresh hand-baked gourmet popcorn with a unique local twist. Bak Kwa, Baileys, Cookies & Cream or even Teh Tarik…. In your popcorn?
This may not be a common goodie you’ll find during Chinese New Year but no one’s going to complain about a bagful of addictive popcorn. Introduced to the market only in July 2017, The Kettle Gourmet is a local brand that specialises in popcorn with interesting flavours.

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