10 Chinese New Year-Worthy Goodies, Rated

10 Chinese New Year-Worthy Goodies, Rated

Popcorn isn’t a traditional CNY snack, but when it’s infused with teh tarik — it makes for a fun change from the usual spread. This young F&B start-up was founded last July by a young Singapore Management University business school grad. The popcorn is popped and packaged in a central kitchen in Tai Seng. There're currently four flavours available at the online shop, including Bailey’s and Teh Tarik. The latter is infused with teh brewed with Ceylon tea leaves and milk. The tea flavour only comes through faintly, as an aftertaste, after you’ve chomped on the lightly crunchy popcorn coated with a thick layer of plain caramel. At first crunch, the kernels remind us of Garrett’s famously addictive caramel popcorn, though some morsels in our packet taste more like teh tarik than others (production hiccups?). The Kettle Gourmet’s perfume-y plain caramel-flavoured popcorn is pretty solid, but its teh tarik cousin could do with a stronger and more consistent hit of teh. Sadly, we didn’t get to try the festive limited-edition Bak Kwa flavour ($15/packet), which will only launch on February 8. 

Source: 8days

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