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Recently, BLLNR Magazine Singapore held an interview with Zac, the founder of The Kettle Gourmet! Read on to find out how Zac runs his popcorn empi...
Check us out on Channel 8 (8视界). 8 World hosted an interview with Zac, the founder of The Kettle Gourmet! See what The Kettle Gourmet has to offer and we also have a piece of exciting news to share with you! Stay Tuned!

Which university graduate would plan to be known as “The Popcorn Guy”? A company that sells flavoured popcorn seems like an unconventional idea for aspiring entrepreneurs. This was exactly the case with Zac Chua, the 27-year-old Founder and CEO of The Kettle Gourmet – Singapore’s thriving flavoured popcorn business.

Zac Chua’s popcorn business validated itself straight away and fast tracked him to the startup world. Zac now employs 11 people and shifts 500 bags of popcorn daily.

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