5 things to do at home during covid-19 heightened measures

5 things to do at home during covid-19 heightened measures

Cooped up at home but have absolutely nothing to do? Tired from work and want to enjoy your break time doing something meaningful?


The Kettle Gourmet’s Snack Monsters have got you covered! Who are they, you may ask? They are the faces of The Kettle Gourmet after our rebrand! Find out more here


Read on to find out ways you can beat the boredom of being stuck at home and find things to do!


1. Clean up your room

We always say we will clean our room later, but we become swamped with work, studies and real life and then we don’t have time to do so. Well, now is the perfect opportunity to do so! Many of us won’t have to travel to our workplaces or schools, and there is extra time to clean up our rooms. Of course, break it up into smaller chunks so you are not overwhelmed.


Kelly the fussy floss, our Chicken Floss Snack Monster who has a keen eye for details, and she knows exactly what she wants the way she wants it, recommends these resources to help you in your cleaning!


In Kelly’s own words, Marie Kondo is a Japanese organizing consultant, and she has helped many people organize their houses, rooms and is someone who sparks joy! She has even helped me when I was cleaning my room.


Check out her website and content to see her 5 step framework on how to declutter and clean your room!


2. Watch a movie


With so much more free time at home, you are now able to binge-watch all your favourite dramas and movies.


Gerry, the “Limpeh” Lemak, our Nasi Lemak Snack Monster, always likes to jio (meaning invite) his clique of Snack Monsters to movies as the leader of the group. Now that cinemas have restricted access and watching movies together as a group is barred, Gerry has found new ways to watch movies with his friends and woud like to share them with you!



Want to watch with your group of friends but unable to go to the cinema due to large group size? Here are some free platforms to be able to stream and watch together with your friends that Gerry recommends!.



Tele party


With Teleparty you are able to watch movies and drama series on Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu and HBO in sync with your friends. Teleparty is a Chrome browser extension for watching TV remotely with friends, which makes it the perfect platform for movie nights with your friends or that special someone! It synchronizes video playback and adds a group chat to your favourite streaming sites, being able to chat with friends while watching the show! Now with a simple click of the extension, you are able to host movie parties and share it with your friends.

 Teleparty's Chrome extension


Watchparty is a way to stream videos, your screen, YouTube videos and even a virtual browser which everyone can control, and it's free! Simply head down to Watchparty’s website to start a new stream and (virtual) movie nights are good to go again.


Discord is a video and voice calling service that enables users to share and stream their screens with multiple other users, perfect for watching movies and shows with your friends online

Meta stream


Now that you know of ways to watch shows with your friends, you now need shows to watch, don’t you? Are you running out of shows to watch? The Kettle Gourmet also has a recommended list of movies that we feel are binge-worthy shows check out the movie list here! You can also include your own movie recommendations in the comments section below.


3. Learn a new language


Now, language classes are still able to continue, but they are restricted to only you and the instructor, meaning that group classes are unable to continue.


This means you won't be able to learn Korean with your chingus(means friends in Korean) for the time being. Nevertheless, do you still want to continue learning a new language in these heightened measures?  We got you covered!


Kester the Kaypoh Kaya, our overly curious Kaya Butter Toast snack monster, is always interested in the business of others, even people who speak different languages.



Kester has a Korean, Japanese and Malay neighbour, and he would always strike up a conversation with them(while being in his own home of course)


As such, Kester has been taking online classes and would like to share with all of you where he learns his Korean, Japanese and Malay from!




Kester says Duolingo is a fun and interactive language learning platform, with time based challenges and a point based reward system for completing modules. From Duolingo’s lessons, he was able to understand what his neighbours were saying and hold a conversation with them in their language.


If you would like a fun way to learn a new language, and also learn together with your friends, check out Duolingo and start a module together with your friends on a language you would like to learn here!




Kester has fun in his Duolingo lessons because he learns a lot of new phrases and sentences. However, sometimes he forgets what he learns and has to re-learn the sentences and words he has forgotten.


So, he uses Anki!


Anki is a flashcard application that helps you with retention of new words. Using it can let you remember words and phrases even better, and should be used in conjunction with Duolingo, Gerald says.


Kester hopes you will find his recommendations useful and learn a new language so he can kaypoh about your life in another language!


 4. Exercise


In the past few months, have you been giving yourself the excuse of not exercising because of the lack of time?


Well, in this period, most of us will be working and spending most of our time at our homes. This means the excuse of having no time to exercise, may just not work anymore.


There are many exercises to do at home, like push-ups, crunches and many more. Gwen the Kee-Siao Caramel, our Salted Caramel snack Monster recommends the One-Punch Man workout.


The One-Punch Man workout consists of 100 pushups, 100 crunches, 100 squats and a 10km run everyday. You can see more on it here


No wonder he’s affectionately called Kee Siao(crazy).


While not all of us can do the full workout every day, we can learn how to do situps and exercises at home from fitness YouTubers.


On some days, as you follow the various fitness influencers on Youtube, you may have the urge to give yourself a cheat day or reward yourself with a snack.


Quoting what Gwen the Kee Siao Caramel always says, “If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun!”. Hence, don’t worry, we got you covered if you ever want to break some rules and take a stroll around the world of snacks!

 Determined young woman doing pushups: exercising at home

Source: HelpGuide


  1. Cook


What comes to mind when the news broke out revealing that dine-ins are no longer allowed anymore? If your first thought might be “Well, I guess it’s time to whip out my frying pan again!”, then we have just the thing for you!


On some days, when your idea bank is running low and you need some inspiration or ideas, The Daily Meal provides you with simple recipes to assist you in your cooking journey. Want to enjoy a good home-cooked meal but don’t know how to cook one? This article has got you covered!



However, we all know that cooking may sometimes get a little too tiring if we were to do it everyday. Similar to Gerald the Chao Keng Chocolate Snack Monster, occasionally, we may want to take a break and chao keng(commonly used Hokkien term to describe someone who feigns illness/injury in order to avoid a responsibility) from cooking.


So if you ever want to chao keng from cooking but you can’t help craving for some sweet and savoury food, we gotcha back! Get our Lockdown 2.0 Family Care Package to satisfy all your cravings while you happily chao keng from your kitchen!

Consisting of 4 Snack Monsters and 2 family packs with flavours of your choice, the Lockdown Bundle is sure to satisfy your craving for sweet and savoury tastes.

The Kettle Gourmet also provides FREE islandwide delivery! Get this exclusive care package for your family and friends that you care about!

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