A typical work week with The Kettle Gourmet

Digital screen grab of BLNNR article, featuring The Kettle Gourmet's founder Zac Chua

Recently, BLLNR Magazine Singapore held an interview with Zac, the founder of The Kettle Gourmet! Read on to find out how Zac runs his popcorn empire to become the #1 popcorn Singapore loves.


BILLIONAIRE(BLLNR) is an award-winning magazine. The Kettle Gourmet is honoured to be featured in an article by BLLNR. Join us as we give you insights of a typical work week with The Kettle Gourmet.

In the interview Zac shared that he has a structured list of the things he does at the start of every week that gets him ready for what the week may bring. He sets the direction for the coming week with sales targets and meeting objectives, delegates responsibilities and ensures that the whole team is clear about their tasks.


Zac meeting with mentors
Source: BLLNR.sg

Zac's typical work week is mainly filled with meetings with suppliers, potential partners for expansion and his employees. With The Kettle gourmet being a digital first business Zac takes extra time to ideate ways to improve marketing strategies with his team as running a gourmet popcorn business in such a competitive food scene like Singapore is not an easy task.

Zac stressed the importance of having a support system like his mentors that helped him through this journey as it can get lonely and challenging at times especially with unforeseen circumstances such as the Covid-19 pandemic. 

He also shared how he enjoys investing time listening to his employees to find ways he can do better for his company. One example includes ‘People Day’ a dedicated day at the end of week where he spends time with his employees gathering employee feedback before ending off the week with his friends playing mahjong.

However, his entrepreneur journey is not all busy and lonely as Zac mentioned that the most fun part of running a popcorn business is that he gets to enjoy all sorts of new and exciting flavours of popcorn every week! That’s true! The Kettle Gourmet offers wacky and exciting local Singaporean flavours that will take your taste buds on a journey.


We offer a wide range of flavours from the nostalgic local favourites such as Kaya Butter Toast and Chilli Crab popcorn to all time favourites like Salted Caramel popcorn and Chocolate popcorn.


Chilli Crab, Kaya Butter Toast, Nasi Lemak popcorn offered by The Kettle Gourmet


Our Crazy Asian Bundle includes our local favourite flavours like our iconic spicy and sweet chilli crab and the breakfast we all grew up on kaya toast! Our crunchy exterior of our gourmet popcorn resembles that of the soft and sweet mantou buns that go perfectly with our spicy chilli crab flavouring giving you the perfect local snack to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. 

If your find yourself craving for some Toast Box kaya butter toast but don't want to order in or  you're finding supper places in the middle of the night to get your fill of some coffee shop kaya toast fret not as with our fan favourite kaya butter toast popcorn we will satisfy all your kaya toast cravings anytime and anywhere. Our crunchy sweet and salty kaya butter popcorn will soon have you adding our popcorn as part of your daily breakfast routine. What better way to start your day with some popcorn just like our founder Zac?



Visit us here to check out more of our wacky flavours. To check out the full article click here.


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