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We are used to munching on popcorn when we watch movies and if we are in the cinema we would pair our popcorn combo with a large drink of our choice. 
A perfect weekend at home watching your favourite Netflix shows also can't do without popcorn… Popcornflix!
But, have you ever wondered what other drinks could go well with popcorn? Coffee!
Wait… what?
At the Kettle Gourmet, we are committed to let everyone discover the joys of snacking and enjoy popping goodness that is popcorn. So, we decided to do a deep dive into what would go well with popcorn and here’s what we found.
When we think of food that accompanies coffee, cakes, croissants and sandwiches usually come to mind.
Here’s what we found: Drink Your Coffee With… Popcorn!
Did you know that popcorn can also be a suitable companion to your coffee?
Origin: Ethiopian Coffee Rituals
Ethiopia is a country and is the home to the Arabica coffee bean, which is widely known for their good taste and major cafes like Starbucks brew Arabica coffee beans for their coffee.
Preparing and drinking coffee is a ritual in Ethiopia. Everyone involved drinks coffee thrice a day- morning noon and evening!
Yes, they drink coffee in the evenings too!
This is because to them, it is impolite to drink less than three cups. According to tradition, a transformation of the spirit occurs during the progression from first to third cup, with the third bestowing a blessing.
Fascinating, isn't it?
So, coffee drinking is an important social and spiritual event where coffee is brewed and offered to guests. Once the coffee grounds are brewed and ready, they are served with popcorn. Back then, coffee ceremonies in Ethiopia will not be the same without the well-known sweet and savoury snack.
Interested to find out more on the intricacies of this ritual? Find out more at the link here
 Ethiopia coffee popcorn ritual
Hopping on the trend: Local Cafes
Some local cafes have already adopted this tradition, serving their coffee with some popcorn or using the snack as toppings.  One cafe that comes to mind is Black Fairy Coffee, which serves their coffee with popcorn as a side addition.
When you eat popcorn and have your coffee, not only will you get a sugar rush, but the caffeine will let you have your “Eureka” moment and give you a good start to your day!
3 coffee cups filled with coffee with popcorn lining the saucer
The Kettle Gourmet x Coffee
Firstly, the coffee. As mentioned earlier, Ethiopia is the home to the Arabica coffee bean. Grown at higher altitudes from 3,000 to 6,000 feet, the coffee cherries take longer to grow and as such has more time to develop, resulting in a delicious flavour.
For those who just heard about Arabica coffee beans from us, you may read more here if you're interested to find out more.
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One of every popcorn flavour
Why not try it out yourself too? Get some popcorn from us and try out this combination for your next coffee break!

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