Christmas Panic? Don't "Kan Cheong"!

Christmas Panic? Don't

Christmas is coming…

Are you getting nervous and “Kan Cheong”, just like Kenny the Crab?



Even though he is nervous all the time, Kenny is the fastest thinker out of all the other Snack Monsters. If you are still troubling over what gifts to prepare for your family and friends this Christmas, fret not - Kenny has thought of a wonderful idea for you!

Kenny wants everyone to know that The Kettle Gourmet is offering the perfect popcorn bundle that would be the sweetest gift idea for your family, friends and loved ones.


Joyous Christmas Bundle - One of the Best Gifts One Could Receive This Christmas!


The Joyous Christmas Bundle contains sets of 3 Gift Boxes, with 6 Assorted Singles within each box. If you have bigger plans, the Gift Boxes are also available in sets of 6, 9, 24 and even 45.

Alternatively, click here for more creative bundles that are well-approved by Kenny the Kan Cheong Crab.

Overcome the Christmas Panic and get your gift boxes now!




Source: http://www.singlish.net/kan-cheong/


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