Countdown To 2021 In Style

Countdown To 2021 In Style

Planning for your New Year’s Eve Party?

Just like everyone else, our Snack Monsters are having a party of their own!

Gwen, the Kee Siao Caramel, is known to be the life of the party. Her extroverted nature bands all the other Snack Monsters together.

get popcorn for your countdown party

Gwen loves to initiate gatherings for the Snack Monsters to have fun together. Unsurprisingly, she is involved in the planning of the New Year’s Eve party this year!

To end 2020 off in style, Gwen is planning a major popcorn party for the Snack Monsters. Gwen knows that you can’t go wrong with popcorn. What is a party without the best snack on earth?!


With some help from Kelly the Fussy Floss, Gwen has decided to get The Kettle Gourmet’s Christmas & Countdown Bundle!


best snack for new year's eve parties

The pairing of champagne and popcorn will add a touch of class to your New Year’s Eve party. Aesthetically, the Christmas & Countdown Bundle will bring about both colour and elegance. Indulge in the taste of spectacular local delights, clink your glasses and wait for the clock to hit 12.


All of us would want a party like Gwen’s. Welcome 2021 with style!

More popcorn deals are available here.

If you need popcorn urgently for your gatherings, self-collection is available as well!


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