Feature Fridays! - Discovering Wacky Local Popcorn Flavors

Picture of two people enjoying popcorn

Traditionally, popcorn flavors were either sweet or savory.

Earlier in 2020, The Kettle Gourmet reintroduced themselves to the popcorn market with “wacky” flavor offerings. Infused with local flavors, The Kettle Gourmet released a range of popcorn flavors that continue to be a big hit among Singaporeans today.


The Kettle Gourmet is honoured to be featured by Nookmag, an alternative lifestyle and street culture online magazine, highlighted how the rebranding of popcorn flavors were exciting. Nookmag also gave credit to The Kettle Gourmet’s commitment, going beyond the challenging COVID-19 pandemic to rebrand the popcorn flavors.


Source: Nookmag


Keen to try out our unique flavors? Visit this link to find out more, You can view the entire article here.


Edited by: Ng Kai Jie

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