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See things that you really want but are on a tight budget? You know how swiping your credit card gives you that “SHIOK” feeling of having to pay absolutely nothing at all upfront — until the bill comes and you suddenly experience a "heart attack" from looking at the size of the bill because of those sneaky hidden charges and interest charges.

Grab, alongside the various BNPL services know this, which is why they are offering an alternative; the option to pay later with Grab PayLater. This means you can spend on anything you want, and you’ll get to pay it back with scheduled payments monthly with zero interest! So what is PayLater and what are BNPLs?

What is PayLater?

PayLater is an initiative launched by Grabpay, which is a “Buy Now, Pay Later” (BNPL) service.

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) services like Grab's PayLater, Atome and Rely, have seen fast growth in recent times in Asia-Pacific, as now you can pay for items at a fraction of its original price upfront. As compared to credit cards, which have interest rates and additional fees, BNPL services have no additional costs and have zero interest.

More Singaporeans are opting for BNPL services, which allow buyers to defer or spread out payments for purchases interest-free, without having to own a credit card.

Grab PayLater's installment plan helps you to split your bill into (a maximum of) 4 monthly installments, with 0% interest.

An infographic by Grab listing PayLater's functions

Source: Grab 

What is good about PayLater

The Kettle Gourmet partners with Grabpaylater offering more flexible modes of payment

No hidden charges: there is only a flat fee of $10 if you miss a scheduled payment to unsuspend your account (your account gets suspended if you miss a scheduled payment). The way to solve this is to link your bank card to enable automatic repayment.

No fees: PayLater is a free service offered by retailers like The Kettle Gourmet to you.

Secure: Transactions made will be verified with a One-Time Password(OTP) to ensure the person making the transaction is you.

Zero interest: PayLater’s installments have zero interest, so you can opt to pay the full amount at a longer duration with no additional charges.

Safeguards against overspending: When you miss one installment, Grab will deactivate your PayLater account to prevent overspending.

Also, Grab will personalize your PayLater spending limit according to your profile and past payment practices to prevent overspending.

For further reading, check out Grab’s website on PayLater here

Grabpaylater, installment timeline of our assorted singles bundleWho can use PayLater

According to Grab's help repository, Grab users who are above 21 years old, Platinum, Gold or Silver GrabRewards members, performed at least 3 Grab transactions in the recent month can use PayLater.

PayLater can be used at over 250 online partner merchants, including popular gaming chair maker Secretlab, and of course: The Kettle Gourmet!

So, how can you use PayLater for your Kettle Gourmet purchases?

How to use PayLater

Firstly, you would have to ensure you are eligible to activate PayLater from the Grab app.

Step 1: Set up Grab PayLater

Open it, head to Payments and click on "Enjoy Now and Pay Later." Fill in the unnecessary details and you have set up Grab PayLater!

For further reference, check out this video by Grab on their PayLater service!

Source: Grab's YouTube

Step 2: Select a product (We’ve selected the 12+2 Bundle), add it to cart and choose “ Check Out” on the products you bought

Select Grab as the Payment option at check out under “Payments”

Step 4: When checking out, select the Grab PayLater option(in purple) in order to pay for your popcorn in zero-interest installments!

Select how many scheduled payments you would like to have (you have up to 4 scheduled payments to split your purchase amount)

Here at The Kettle Gourmet, we partnered with Grab PayLater. We want to share the joy of snacking with you, partnering with Grab to allow everyone to enjoy our popcorn at a fraction of the price upfront.

But of course, do remember to only spend what you can, and ensure you can pay back the monthly installments.

Want to purchase The Kettle Gourmet's popcorn for your friends and family but are on a tight budget? No worries! Check out with PayLater to buy now and pay later with PayLater now!

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