Guess our 2 New Local Flavours!

Fish Head Curry Popcorn and Pulut Hitam Popcorn in a bowl

We’ve got some exciting news for you!

The Kettle Gourmet, one of the local Singapore snack brands, is proud to present our two latest unique local flavours for the Crazy Asian Favourites Collection! Do you have any guesses? Keep in mind and read on to see if you are right! 


The First Guess

For the first flavour, it is a Singapore signature dish prepared with curry leaves and coconut milk. The dish is typically accompanied by a generous serving of vegetables such as ladies fingers and cabbage. Highly sought after in the Southeast Asian region, it is engraved into people’s hearts from different ethnic groups. 

Additionally, it is considered an iconic Singapore dish and an essential for tourists to try when they visit Singapore. Needless to say, it is also a cuisine locals would go for when they eat out! 


The First Reveal 

One snack monster packet of Fish Head Curry Popcorn

Let us provide some enlightenment if you have not deduced what the flavour is! One of our two new flavours is the Fish Head Curry Popcorn, available in 65g and 300g! You get to savour the spicy kick and tanginess of the dish all in one bite! Are you salivating at the thought of it already? 

Trust Peter the Fishy Pai Kia on this; he sure knows what’s best for you! 

Can’t resist savoury and spicy food? Our Fish Head Curry Popcorn is not to be missed! Click here to check out the six-packet bundle for our Fish Head Curry Popcorn, ideal for you to give to your loved ones or eat as a snack! 

If you would love to share with your family or friends, you can check out our Fish Head Curry Family Pack here. It is definitely a steal with the generous serving all in one pack! 


The Second Guess

Up next, the second flavour is a sweet dessert that originated from Indonesia, well-loved by many Singaporeans. This dessert is made from glutinous rice, coconut milk, and palm sugar, and you can expect to spot them at your neighbourhood dessert stores.  

Do you have a clue? If not, maybe the preparation steps will shed some insight into the answer. Firstly, you can boil the rice grains. However, you might need to add more water if you did not soak the rice grains overnight to ensure that they are fully cooked. 

As the rice turns into a porridge-like texture, add the palm sugar and stir till the mixture thickens. Lastly, remove from heat, and add in your desired amount of coconut milk. Enjoy it warm or chilled based on your preferences!

This new flavour would unquestionably be a delicious haven for you dessert lovers out there!


The Second Reveal

One snack monster packet of pulut hitam popcorn.


So what is our second flavour? The second flavour is the Pulut Hitam Popcorn, available in 65g and 300g! Congratulations to those who got the answer! For those black sticky rice lovers, you can now try the pulut hitam recipe in our popcorn version as well!

Rachel, the Smiley Mata-Mata, would be sure to bring you excitement and happiness with our Pulut Hitam Popcorn!  

Furthermore, this thick, sweet, and gooey dessert flavour will undoubtedly satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with the perfect combination of black glutinous rice and coconut milk. Indulge in every bite as the smooth and creamy taste of this flavour envelops your tastebuds, evoking a familiar feeling of warmth and nostalgia from having a hearty bowl of pulut hitam. 

In need of that sugar fix? Let our Pulut Hitam Popcorn settle that for you! Click here to check out the six-packet bundle for our Pulut Hitam Popcorn, which promises to keep you grinning all day! 

If you would love to share with your loved ones, you can check out our Pulut Hitam Family Pack here. Spread love and be joyful together!

Did you guess our two new flavours correctly? Are you on team #fishheadcurry popcorn sg or team #puluthitam popcorn sg? Regardless of your preference for savoury or sweet flavours, The Kettle Gourmet’s always got your back! Hurry on to check out the ones you fancy before we switch up our flavours subsequently! 

The Kettle Gourmet's Popcorn Flavours


You can never really guess what we have in store for you, so stay tuned to The Kettle Gourmet, one of the rising Singapore local snack brands and popcorn supplier Singapore. Check out our News for more updates.


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