Increasing Market Awareness During A Crisis

Increasing Market Awareness During A Crisis

How does a business like The Kettle Gourmet cope in this period of uncertainty?

Business Unusual, a show on CNA (ChannelNewsAsia), explores how businesses deal with the pandemic induced disruption and economic slowdown.


Business Unusual (CNA)Source: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/video-on-demand/business-unusual


Business Unusual’s latest episode, Creating Demand, showcases how The Kettle Gourmet has prevailed during the pandemic crisis to reach a 247% growth.

Times were rough and retail vacancies were dropping. However, Zac, founder of The Kettle Gourmet, saw it as an opportunity to go through a process of rebranding. To remain competitive. To fight against uncertainty.


The Kettle Gourmet on CNA


Zac attributed his company’s growth to prompt innovation and crisis adaptation. He did not stop working during the Circuit Breaker. Instead, he utilized the downtime to give The Kettle Gourmet’s packaging a new look. The bright, colorful Snack Monster packaging is indeed a great complement to the popcorn’s wacky flavours.

Zac also revealed more ways to increase market awareness, such as engaging micro influencers and expanding to FairPrice Finest, one of Singapore’s major supermarkets.

Many future plans for The Kettle Gourmet are already in the works. 2 new exciting popcorn flavours are being tested and the idea of a popcorn machine is on board!

To find out more about the new innovative ideas and how Zac has adapted to the pandemic crisis, watch the entire episode of Business Unusual here!


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