Local brand whips up unique ‘bak kwa’ and ‘teh tarik’ popcorn flavours

Local brand whips up unique ‘bak kwa’ and ‘teh tarik’ popcorn flavours

Created by homegrown brand The Kettle Gourmet, expect unconventional popcorn flavours for a local twist to your favourite movie snack.

Forget your standard sweet or salty popcorn varieties at your local cinema stand, because this quintessential movie snack just got a uniquely Singaporean makeover.

Homegrown startup, The Kettle Gourmet, has introduced four unique popcorn flavours: salted caramel, cookies and cream, teh tarik – even Baileys.

The latter is a heavenly pairing of caramel and Baileys Irish cream, while the teh tarik manages to replicate the creaminess of the staple Kopitiam drink using black tea leaves. Get this: besides the four regular flavours, you can also expect new ones coming your way, like the festive bak kwa flavour for one.

Before you’re quick to snub this as a guilty, calorie-ridden indulgence, hear us out. Each popcorn kernel comes freshly-baked using a non-GMO corn, is made with 100% canola oil, and is apparently also trans fat-free… which makes it easier on the palate as we munch our way into the depths of our popcorn box.

With our local food scene slowly delving back to its culinary roots and drawing inspiration from nostalgic flavours we know and love, it does seem like The Kettle Gourmet is on the mark in adapting uniquely Singaporean touches into popular, commercial snacks.

After all, we never would’ve fathomed that a Nasi Lemak Burger or a Bak Kwa cocktail was ever possible once upon a time – so we’re certainly keeping our eyes (and tastebuds) peeled for more ingenious local culinary creations!

The Kettle Gourmet’s popcorn retails at SGD10/three packs. 

The upcoming Bak Kwa flavour will be sold at Plaza Singapura’s atrium between 5 to 14 February – just in time for Chinese New Year, or a slightly alternative Valentine’s Day movie snack. 

Sarah Khan

Source: Marie France Asia

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