Munch on popcorn in unusual flavors like teh tarik and bak kwa from this new local brand

Munch on popcorn in unusual flavors like teh tarik and bak kwa from this new local brand

The universal movie snack that is popcorn just got a little more exciting with new homegrown startup The Kettle Gourmet. Sprinkling a local twist on the standard “sweet or salty” popcorn at cinema stands, the un-corn-ventional brand snubs tradition for quirky, intriguing flavors ($10/three packs) such as salted caramel, cookies and cream, Baileys, and teh tarik.

For the indecisive, salted caramel offers a cross between both worlds; while cookies and cream, which blends Oreo cookie bits with a dash of vanilla, will appeal to those with a sweet tooth. If you prefer your popcorn with a splash of alcohol, get the caramel candies with a touch of Baileys Irish cream. Otherwise, go for the teh tarik-inspired bites that are made with black tea leaves to replicate the creamy, milky mouthful of the classic local beverage.

Each kernel is freshly baked using non-GMO corn, and before you shake your head at the presumably unhealthy tidbit, the popcorn here is made with 100 percent canola oil and touted as trans fat-free. In other words, it’s a rather guilt-free way of staving off the munchies.

From experimenting with unusual creations in a humble backroom kitchen in 2016 to the official brand launch last July, the team behind The Kettle Gourmet is helmed by young entrepreneur Zac Chua, a Singapore Management University graduate — with a passion for popcorn — who put his career plans on hold to start the business.

Besides the four flavors currently available, the brand will regularly update its range with new options such as the upcoming bak kwa creation, which will be sold at Plaza Singapura’s atrium from Feb 5 to 14. Just in time for the Lunar New Year festivities.

Source: Coconuts Singapore

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