National Day in Singapore with The Kettle Gourmet!

2021 national day logo. It has a cute Singapore landscape drawn along with this year's theme stated.

Heads UP! Do you know what is happening next week? Singapore is turning 56 years old!

Are you ready to celebrate National Day with us? We are a well-loved Singapore popcorn brand! Our gourmet popcorn is a halal snack and is non GMO, trans fat free and freshly baked with high quality ingredients! Read on to find out more about the popcorn Singapore needs and loves!


the video context the floating platform will be close till phrase 2 heighten alert is over. It is a screenshot of a video posted in The Straits Times


To curb the spread of pandemic from the new clusters, the government announced that Singapore will once again return to the heightened alert phase. Thus, the National Day Parade this year has been postponed to 21 August after the end of phase two (18 August).


The year theme song will be big hit after many year of unmotivated NDP song. The singer, Linying, has acheive many great comment after the theme song been released on YouTube.


On the bright side, this year's NDP theme is “Together, Our Singapore Spirit” with the theme song “The Road Ahead”. The singer, Linying, said that she hopes the song will encourage those battling on the front line, thanking them for keeping Singapore safe. 


The theme song has generated over 1.4 million views on YouTube since its first release. It has also achieved many good reviews such as “pleasant and heartwarming” and “the best NDP song after many years”.


the government had gather Singaporean for a survey on the view, regarding this year theme "Our Singapore Spirit". The survey gather in a map of Singapore, with the highest rank that Singaporean are hardworking.


When asked “What does Our Singapore Spirit mean to you?”, many Singaporeans view our spirit as hard working and caring. What do you think the Singapore spirit means to you? 


It is not too late to add your opinion if you have not done so. Check out the link included above and enter your view to play a part in the SG Traits Map.


This year, the National Day Parade will be brought right to your television screens. This means that you can tune in to the live broadcast from home with a healthy popcorn snack in hand. 


For those of you who miss being part of the red-white crowd at the actual parade, the news of an online celebration may leave you feeling listless. But don’t worry, because as the Number One Singapore snack brand, we are here to celebrate National Day with you!


Here at The Kettle Gourmet, we have various popcorn flavours for you to choose from. From classic favourites like salted caramel to local popcorn flavours like nasi lemak, we have something for everyone! 


Consists of 3 flavors. Such as Chilli Crab, Nasi Lemak and Kaya Butter Toast. The Bundle include of 2 sets of crazy Asian. Therefore, total is 6 items.

To get into the celebrative spirit for National Day, you can try out our Crazy Asian Bundle which consists of Kaya Butter Toast (Inspired by Kaya Jam), Nasi Lemak (You can taste the fried anchovies) and Chilli Crab (Relax, there’s no actual crab meat). 

These nostalgic flavours will remind you of Singapore’s cuisine, which can be found at the coffee shops and restaurants you grew up with.


consist of 6 different flavors. salted caramel, chocolate, nasi lemak, chilli crab, chicken floss and kaya butter toast.


If you want to try out all the popcorn flavours we offer, opt for the Assorted Singles Bundle! From the sweetness of our chocolate popcorn to the saltiness from the meat floss in our chicken floss popcorn, you will definitely find a sweet spot between the sweet and the savoury.


This bundle consist of 4 Asian flavors and 2 family packs. Asian flavors such as chilli crab, chicken floss, nasi lemak and kaya butter toast. Family packs include of salted caramel and chocolate.


We also offer bundles for our customers who wish to share with a bigger group of people. With our Lockdown Bundle, you get to choose 2 family packs and 4 snack monsters in your preferred flavours.


You know what’s the best part? We offer free delivery for your popcorn! That’s right, snack delivery in Singapore is free with a minimum spending of $50. 


So what are you waiting for? Check out your carts and enjoy a memorable food delivery on Singapore’s birthday! 

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