Shopee 9.9 Sales and Livestream with The Kettle Gourmet!

The Kettle Gourmet's 9.9 Shopee live stream hosted by Jay and Dylan featuring our new 9.9 Staff's Top Picks bundle.

Shopee’s 9.9 Super Shopping Day 2021 returns with the best 9.9 sales and The Kettle Gourmet is proud to be part of this. As part of our 9.9 sales, The Kettle Gourmet hosted 2 livestreams and had our interns share their top picks. Read on to find out what you missed on our livestreams!

Who are we?

Launched in Singapore, The Kettle Gourmet freshly hand-bakes popcorn with unique localised flavours. Since 2017, we have grown to be both a popcorn manufacturer and distributor serving thousands of satisfied customers (like you) daily. We select the best popcorn kernels around the world before we have our popcorn maker bake them to crispy perfection *popcorn pops*! We believe in bringing joy to every corner of Singapore!

Featuring The Kettle Gourmet's special Shopee 9.9 Bundle "Staff's Top Picks", showcasing flavours - Salted Caramel, Chicken Floss and Nasi Lemak.


What did you miss?

The Kettle Gourmet hosted 2 livestreams on 9.9, one at 12pm and the other at 5pm. Credits to our digital marketing team for making it happen.

During the live streaming at 12pm, we featured interns Zoyee and Nurin, who had a huge debate on which popcorn flavour was the top pick. Zoyee strongly believed it was Chicken Floss while Nurin assured it was the Salted Caramel flavour. 

They also touched on topics and experiences where they found weird yet intriguing combinations of popcorn and drinks. Nurin suggested that audiences should try her favourite snack food combination, salted caramel popcorn and milk, which caused a debate between our viewers and our hosts. To further engage our viewers, Zoyee hosted a “Guess the Price” minigame for viewers and Nurin. The correct guess wins a free pack of popcorn of their choice!

During our 5pm livestream, we featured interns Jay and Dylan who spoke about what they would like to get during Shopee’s 9.9 sales and their goals this year. Both hosts shared that they would like to take advantage of this sale to purchase some gifts for themselves. Afterwards, they played a minigame called “Guess the Staff’s Top Picks” and “Decision processes” with the viewers where everyone guessed the price of the bundle. Both hosts and viewers jumped in on the fun and guessed the flavours and price. 

At the end of both sessions, the popcorns to be featured in the bundle of the Staff’s top picks were announced and viewers were delighted having their personal favourites included. Some even went on to purchase a few of our bundles! 

The sales team got busy with all the goods sold and we all ended up packing more than a hundred bundles, including one shipment all the way to a retail market in the United States! The backend team and sales functions together to create a smooth process for everyone.

Shopee 9.9 Exclusive Bundles, featuring three of our Staff's top picks - Salted Caramel, Chicken Floss and Nasi Lemak in the size of Japs. With Shopee's 9.9 sale, the bundle has been reduced from S$45 to S$39.90!

Promotions for you

Available exclusively on Shopee, The Kettle Gourmet brings you three of our staff’s best top picks for our 9.9 exclusive bundle. We feature the top picks, Salted Caramel, followed by Chicken Floss and Nasi Lemak popcorn. In a family pack size, three of these would originally go for S$45. However…thanks to Shopee’s 9.9 sales, the price is reduced to S$39.90! What more of a reason to not get it!


Our popcorn is perfect for a home movie night as well as in movie theaters. Microwave popcorn to alleviate your movie experience and enjoy your “popped corn”! We take pride in our goods and services and we hope you enjoyed your online shopping experience with us.


What’s next for The Kettle Gourmet?

So, you must be wondering, what’s next for The Kettle Gourmet? Is 9.9 going to be the last? Of course not! We will be conducting livestreams thrice a week on our social media platforms. A huge surprise awaits where we will talk about launching new flavours so stay tuned! Our R&D chefs took a few months to formulate the perfect recipe for our next launch - it will be big, trust us.


The Kettle Gourmet will also be participating in Dubai Expo in October with our own booth in the Singapore pavilion! We are honoured to have our Nasi Lemak popcorn and Kaya Butter Toast popcorn represent Singapore. If you happen to be in Dubai anytime now till March 2022, do drop by and get your limited edition World Expo packaging! 


The next big festive event? The season of giving? That’s right! It’s Christmas! But… we would prefer to keep it a secret for now. We are certain it will be the most gift-able set of popcorn in the market. We even have plans for Chinese New Year in 2022! There will definitely be more in store for all of you. 


Are you excited and curious? Stay tuned to this page because we’re dropping a lot of hints and secret promo codes on this page.


You can also read our articles on this page where we share creative ways to go about your popcorn experience. Some of which were discussed by interns Zoyee and Nurin during our livestream! 


Lastly, to keep up with us and promotions, follow us on our social media platform: 

where we will be posting updates on our livestream, deals and many more. 

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