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The Kettle Gourmet Nasi Lemak Popcorn

Straits times feast and be merry

The Kettle Gourmet is honoured to be featured in the Straits Times on 6 December 2020.

Posh Nosh X Fairprice

To all the Popcorn lovers out there – The Kettle Gourmet’s popcorn is available at all FairPrice Finest outlets. Last Christmas, FairPrice Finest put together gift boxes with various snacks, including our very own Nasi Lemak Popcorn! Our Popcorn combines all the traditional flavours of Nasi Lemak. It is a perfect mix of flavours infused with an initial taste of ikan bilis, distinctive pandan flavours is thrown into the mix and the ending node of the famous Nasi Lemak sambal sauce packs a good amount of heat to go with the rest of the flavours.

The Straits Times is an English newspaper that provides comprehensive coverage on various topics such as world, sports, food, home, and lifestyle news. The Straits Times highlighted how flavourful and similar the popcorn taste to Singapore’s local Nasi Lemak dish.

Other than Nasi Lemak, The Kettle Gourmet also has other specialty local flavours. We have Chilli Crab flavoured popcorn, nostalgic Kaya Butter Toast that we all enjoy in the coffee shop, finally we also have chicken floss, a familiar food that is versatile, generally sprinkled over porridge cooked rice, sandwiches, breads, pastries, and various other foods. It also can be eaten as a snack, popcorn! Something to try out.

Not to mention, we have our set of specially curated gift boxes and bundle deals for you. Such as Crazy Asian bundle (Nasi Lemak, Kaya Butter Toast and Chilli Crab) taking your tastebuds on a journey of Singapore’s local cuisines. We also have other unique flavours such as chocolate and the traditional salted caramel.

If you missed out our Nasi Lemak popcorn in the FairPrice finest X POSH NOSH gift box last Christmas, don’t worry. Here at The Kettle Gourmet, we offer a variety of sizes such as our Family Packs, come and meet our Snack Monsters, and get the character of your preference.

Straits times featuring The Kettle Gourmet

Source: The Straits Times https://www.straitstimes.com/life/food/feast-and-be-merry

Want to try out our Nasi Lemak Popcorn for yourself? The Kettle Gourmet also has a wide range other of local and original flavours which continues to be a big hit among Singaporeans today. Check out our website here for more of our whacky and original local flavours!

OR if you’re looking for a nice gift box, you can consider our assorted singles bundle. It contains 6 of our snack monsters, 1 of each flavour, packed neatly in a fancy gift box and is suitable as a gift for all occasions. If you would like to get more, we also have the 12+2 bundle that consists of 14 snack monsters: 2 of each flavour and 2 free flavours of your choice. Curious to check out what else we have to offer? Come and check out our website to select a bundle that best suits you.

Additionally, Mother’s Day is coming up over this weekend, and if you are looking for gift ideas but can’t come up with any ideas or want to treat your mother to a meal but can’t get a reservation to eat local flavours like chilli crab, then not to worry, we have just the thing for you.

The Kettle Gourmet exclusive Mother's Day Promotion

From now until 9 May 11:59 2021, we have an exclusive Mother’s Day promo. Our Mother’s Day Gift Bundle comes gift-wrapped with a ribbon and comes with a card that we can personalize for you. If you order 3 Mother’s Day Gift Boxes for $88, you will receive a family pack for free, meaning you save $15. If you order 6 Mother’s Day Gift Boxes for $162, you will receive two family packs for free, meaning you save $30.

The Kettle Gourmet exclusive Mother's Day Promotion

Looking for a Mother’s Day gift idea? Don’t miss out on our exclusive Mother’s Day promotion Check out website and purchase your Mother’s Day Gift now! Do send us your heartfelt messages and we will get everything done for you and delivered! Hurry limited time only! You can also Visit this link to read the article. 






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