TKG x Time Out: Local Brand Popcorn

Time Out featuring The Kettle Gourmet.

For the first Feature Friday of October, Time Out will be recommending quick bites to eat in Singapore! 

Time Out Group is renowned globally as a media that encourages and allows people to explore and appreciate the best of the city. Time Out produces quality content, by local expert journalists, about the best food, beverages, culture, art, music, theatre, travel, and entertainment. 

With the rising number of Covid-19 cases, the restrictions are tightened, dining in and social gatherings capped to 2 pax. Meanwhile, employees are also to work from home by default. 

Whether you are working from home or going out, we are sure you will constantly be contemplating what to eat! Not to fret, Time Out has recommended us on must-tries in Singapore!


Snack on Locally Inspired Popcorn

Founded in 2017, Zac, the founder of the company, possesses exemplary business insights and successfully executed his ideas. This led to the birth of The Kettle Gourmet, a popcorn supplier Singapore and one of the recognised Singapore snack brands. 

Have you gotten popcorn from the popcorn candy floss booths at festivals or the pasar malam? If you are one to enjoy those, then The Kettle Gourmet will exceed your expectations!  

With their extensive range of innovative flavours, they are sure to wow your tastebuds. <3


About The New Flavours


Fish Head Curry popcorn on the left and Pulut Hitam popcorn on the right.

Recently, The Kettle Gourmet has invented another 2 new flavours. The two flavours are Pulut Hitam and Fish Head Curry, which are popular flavours in the Southeast Asian region. These two dishes are usually found in hawker centres and cater to Singaporeans’ taste buds due to their unique and exotic flavours. 

Pulut Hitam usually contains gula melaka, black glutinous rice, and coconut milk. The rice grains are boiled for a long time before the gula melaka, and coconut milk are added to the mixture. 

Meanwhile, Fish Head Curry is usually prepared with a variety of spices and coconut milk. 


Healthy Snacking 

Guilt free snacking is something most, if not all of us seek to maintain a healthier lifestyle. So here is a piece of good news for you! The Kettle Gourmet uses quality ingredients, such as non-GMO natural corn, which is gluten free when eaten in its natural form. 

Additionally, the popcorn is freshly baked and not microwave popcorn. There is no trans-fat in the baking process as well! 

You may wonder, why choose this brand? Well, you certainly will not be able to find these flavours in any other popcorn brands.


The Kettle Gourmet’s Bundles

The Fish Head Curry and Pulut Hitam Popcorn are both parts of their Crazy Asian Flavoured Series. This series also consists of other local flavours such as Nasi Lemak, Chicken Floss, and Chilli Crab. Any of these flavours are sure to impress you! 

Shop the Crazy Asian Bundles here now!

Not to worry if you are more conservative. We also offer classic flavours such as salted caramel and chocolate. If you have yet to try popcorn as a topping for your ice cream, it is a food combination we highly recommend you to try!

With the unpredictable number of Covid-19 cases every day, your loved ones could be one of those that ends up with a Quarantine Order or Stay Home Notice. Well fret not, The Kettle Gourmet has a Gift Box Combo and Lockdown 2.0 Family Care Package for you to send some love and support with popcorn <3 

Moreover, it is no longer as convenient to go to movie theaters for quality time with your family. Now, you can bring the movie experience to your very own home with our popcorn snacks and enjoy some family time over the weekends!


Gift box consists of 6 assorted singles snack monster packs with one of each of the flavours. Does not consist of Fish Head Curry and Pulut Hitam.


The Gift Box Combo consists of 6 packets, one of each flavour, Chilli Crab, Kaya Butter Toast, Salted Caramel, Chicken Floss, Chocolate, and Nasi Lemak. Perfect for you or your loved ones if you would like to try each flavour!

Shop the Gift Box Combos here now!


Gift box consists of 4 snack monster packs and 2 family packs. Able to request your desired flavours in the comments section when checking out.


For the Lockdown 2.0 Family Care Package, you can also choose a total of 6 packets, 2 Family Packs, and 4 Snack Monsters Packs! 

Shop the Lockdown 2.0 Family Care Package here now!

Like always, stay tuned for more #popcorn sg news from The Kettle Gourmet.

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