Top 3 Cafes to dine at after Heightened Alert

Cafes that you can dine at now that the Government has lifted the Covid-19 measures!

We can finally dine out again!

Unsure of where to dine in after one month of working from home? Don’t worry, The Kettle Gourmet has got you covered. With countless cafes that serve delicious food and desserts, we have narrowed down our top 3 recommendations that you can head down to when feeling peckish.

For readers that are new to us, we are a gourmet popcorn manufacturer and distributor, with all-time classic flavours such as Chocolate and Salted Caramel and local popcorn flavours such as Nasi Lemak and Chilli Crab.


Lola's Cafe

Food offered at Lola's Cafe
Source: Lola's Cafe


Lola's Cafe is a well-loved neighbourhood cafe located along 5 Simon Road, situated near Kovan MRT. They are very popular because of how they cater different a la carte menus for different times of the day, i.e. breakfast menu from 11am-3pm, finger food from 3pm-6pm, and dinner from 6pm-9pm. 

You can always try out their cheddar cheese cake which has garnered many good reviews. On top of that, Lola's Cafe also offers gluten-free cakes so you do not have to worry about indulging in the delicious desserts they offer. They also provide free food delivery with a minimum order of $80. 


Awfully Chocolate

Signature cakes offered by Awfully Chocolate


Awfully Chocolate is the place to go if you love chocolate cakes. It is one of the most popular cake shops locally with cakes that are handmade and freshly baked daily. There are currently 14 outlets in Singapore and most of them are conveniently located near the MRT or in shopping centres. Most importantly, all of their desserts are halal-certified.


The Kettle Gourmet's chocolate popcorn, a classic flavour that is loved by many


To top it off, you can always pair it with some authentic and rich chocolate popcorn that we have in our classic popcorn flavours. It is unquestionably an ideal combination for chocolate lovers out there!


Salted Caramel

Salted Caramel, a cafe known for it's unique ice cream flavours
Source: Uncover Asia


Salted Caramel serves hand-made ice creams with high quality ingredients and is highly raved by salted caramel dessert lovers. There are also many interesting ice cream flavours such as Horlicks and Açai Sorbet so customers visiting will never be bored of their ice cream flavours. You may also quote the promo code “SG56” for 10% off all orders on their website! Do take note that their delivery fee starts from $6.


Salted Caramel flavoured popcorn by The Kettle Gourmet


While indulging in the ice cream, you can also look forward to our Salted Caramel popcorn which was one of the first few flavours that we have launched, and is by far the most popular flavour. It is definitely a classic flavour that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.


All-Time Classic bundle curated by The Kettle Gourmet, with classic flavours of popcorn including salted caramel and chocolate


Our popcorn is trans fat free and non-GMO, so anyone can have a guilt-free snack. On top of local-flavoured popcorn, be sure to try out the All-Time Classic Bundle, consisting 3 of each classic flavour for you to indulge in! 

If you’re spoilt for choices, fret not, because we have specially curated the Assorted Singles Bundle for you. This means that you get to try out all the different flavours of popcorn we offer in a single bundle! What’s more, for local orders above $50, we provide free delivery. Yes, delivery of popcorn in Singapore is free with us! 

The Kettle Gourmet team wishes all of you to stay safe while dining out and adhere to all safe-distancing measures and we can overcome COVID-19 all together! For snack delivery in Singapore, you can always check us out!

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