What are the best childhood snacks in Singapore?

best in Singapore featuring the best childhood snacks

When we think of our childhoods, we think of carefree times of free play, and most importantly good food and snacks that we eat after a long day of playing and studying(ugh).


Best in Singapore is a mass media company aiming to contribute informative articles for people in Singapore. They cover a wide variety of topics recommending food deals, technology, entertainment and many more!


Best in Singapore does what it says: show for the best of things in Singapore. Here, they have showcased some of the best childhood snacks in Singapore. It is a privilege to be featured as one of the best childhood snacks in Singapore in the article.


Don’t you just MISS your childhood, going to the coffee shop and ordering the breakfast set from the drinks stall, Crispy Kaya Butter Toast and fluffy soft boiled eggs paired with a cup of coffee or hot Milo... well we have just the thing for you, relive those nostalgic times with our Kaya Butter Popcorn getting all that nostalgic flavour into one pack!

Kaya Butter Toast Breakfast SetSource: Ya Kun

Do you miss Singapore's iconic dish too, which is always a treat to enjoy as a child licking the gravy off your fingers after prying open the shell for crab meat or, scooping up all that tangy and spicy gravy with a "mantou" (steamed bun) that you used to eat on very special occasions like Chinese New Year.

Singapore's Iconic Chilli CrabSource: Tasty


Do you remember going down having nasi lemak from hawker centres having the dilemma to choose between Set A, B or even C? Get to enjoy the aromatic nasi lemak with The Kettle Gourmet, perfect with the taste of sambal. We infuse these local flavours into popcorn, one of our popular flavour being the fragrant Nasi Lemak, experience the mix of flavours from the Nasi Lemak dish, coconut, rice, and a distinctive taste of sambal.

Nasi Lemak one of Singapore's local dishSource: Foodrepublic

 Best in Singapore featuring The Kettle GourmetSource: Best in Singapore


Uniquely local and uniquely taste-wise, The Kettle Gourmet serves up freshly baked popcorn in sweet and savoury flavours that pack flavour and nostalgia in every bite. Say goodbye to boring old snacks and relive your childhood with all these familiar flavours packed into one bag of popcorn for you!


If that sounds tempting, we got you covered! You can satisfy your temptations by enjoying the light snack of popcorn whilst getting to relive the fond childhood memories with sweet Kaya Butter, Nasi Lemak goodness or flavourful Chilli Crab that packs a punch.


Not sure which flavour to get? We have even curated SPECIAL bundles just for you! Now you get to enjoy all 3 flavours with our Crazy Asian Bundle! Savour the tastes that brought you comfort, happiness and contentment, all in a bag of freshly baked The Kettle Gourmet’s popcorn.

We offer FREE delivery islandwide delivered right to your doorstep for purchases above $50, so you get to enjoy this childhood snack and relive your childhood while getting to enjoy movie nights with your loved ones at home now!


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