Which type of Premier League fan are you?

Snack Monster Kenny in a Manchester United inspired jersey

Are you excited about the upcoming football fixtures? Which Manchester team do you think will win the Premier League? Whether you support red or blue, one thing remains common- this is an exciting season of football.

Image of Old Trafford(Manchester United Stadium)

Source: Pixabay


There are many teams in the Premier League, and there are many types of fans out there. We will be sharing the different types of fans there are.


1: The Red fan

Be it Liverpool or Man United, Red or Red Devil, Premier League fans who support those teams are deeply passionate about their clubs and get excited when the player they support.

Kenny in a Manchester United themed red jersey

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2: The casual fan

 Image of our Kaya Butter Toast Snack Monster, Kester

This type of fan is more relaxed as compared to the previous group of fans. They watch the Premier League for entertainment and are not as passionate as the Red fans.

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