Established in Singapore last July, The Kettle Gourmet serves up fresh hand-baked gourmet popcorn with a unique local twist. Bak Kwa, Baileys, Cookies & Cream or even Teh Tarik…. In your popcorn?
This may not be a common goodie you’ll find during Chinese New Year but no one’s going to complain about a bagful of addictive popcorn. Introduced to the market only in July 2017, The Kettle Gourmet is a local brand that specialises in popcorn with interesting flavours.
Created by homegrown brand The Kettle Gourmet, expect unconventional popcorn flavours for a local twist to your favourite movie snack. Forget...
现在的爆米花不再只有咸、甜两种口味,本地品牌The Kettle Gourmet近日推出创新口味爆米花,融入本地风味,包括:肉干、百利甜酒、曲奇饼干、咸味焦糖及奶茶口味,每包售价$10。
This young start-up is passionate about all things popcorn, which was driven by the lack of alternative popcorn flavours at local cinemas.

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